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The challenge of discovering an opera new for me as well as for the public proved to be an exciting adventure. It implied a thorough study of a totally unknown score, which was also lacking a major part of musical indications such as dynamics, articulation and other expression marks, adding embellishments for the singers, as required by the style of the piece, and – probably the most complicated question – building a frame of tempi which would be logical musically and will create the general architecture as the composer conceived it.

During the production time itself in Martina Franca, I had the fortune to collaborate in perfect syntony with stage director Alexander Edtbauer, giving a special emphasis on the soloists' rendering of the text – particularily in the recitativi secchi.
From a puerly musical point of view the challenge was - both with the orchestra and with the soloists - to achieve all the energy and drama this music needs, at the same time keeping it light and classical in terms of musical performance.

Another fruitful and most interesting encounter resulting from the "Semiramide" project was the one with Dr. Marco Beghelli from the University of Bologna, who was in charge of preparing the work for publication. After he expressed his content from the performance, we had a long session comparing the autograph score which he used with the conclusions I had derived from my work in the production.

To whoever listens to the recording I would recommend especially the beautiful Rossinian Overture and the Finale Primo as well as the recitativi secchi of the two tenors - Ircano (Aldo Caputo) and Sibari (Roberto de Biasio) and the duo of Semiramide (Clara Polito) and Ircano in the second act. 

(c) 2006 Rani Calderon

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